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Command line interface and API for imap accounts. It provide the following actions through a minial python library:

You can read about my initial motivation to write this software here.

A presentation of Imap-CLI is available here


$ imapcli search INBOX -a Caroline
8465:         Caroline Chemin  atelier dégustation, école du thé
9108:         Caroline Chemin  nouveau salon de thé

$ imapcli read 8465
From       : Caroline Chemin 
Subject    : atelier dégustation, école du thé
Date       : Mon, 12 Feb 2018 17:47:19 +0100

ça t'intéresserais ?


Install imap-cli with the following command :

pip install imap-cli

Then, configure imap-cli creating a configuration file in ~/.config/imap-cli containing :

hostname =
username = username
password = secret
ssl = True

If you want to add a minimal autocompletion, you can copy in the file /etc/bash_completion.d/imapcli or simply source.

If you want to benefit from the wrapper script described below, copy the script imapcli in your PATH

Usage CLI

Usage: imapcli [options] <command> [<command_options>...]

Available commands are:
    status      List unseen, recent and total number of mail per directory in IMAP account
    list        List mail within a specified directory
    search      Search for mail
    read        Display Header and Body of specified mail(s)
    flag        Set or unset flag on specified mail(s)

    -h, --help              Show help options
    --version               Print program version

See 'imapcli help <command>' to get further information about specified command"

imap-cli 0.5
Copyright (C) 2014 Romain Soufflet
License MIT
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Usage Python API

This is work in progress, so API migth change. Python API aims to be as complete as possible to ease the creation of API, caching system and clients. You can find example in examples directory.

import imap_cli
from imap_cli import config

config_filename = '~/.config/imap-cli'
connect_conf = config.new_context_from_file(config_filename, section='imap')
display_conf = config.new_context_from_file(config_filename, section='display')

imap_account = imap_cli.connect(**connect_conf)
for directory_info in imap_cli.status(imap_account):
    print display_conf['format_status'].format(**directory_info)


The file config-example.ini show you available parameters and their default value when they have one.

You can also find in this file some comment describing all possibilities about each parameters.

File configuration is not the only possibility. As the package imap-cli is designed to be an API, all configuration data are shared in a context object. You can load this context progamatically if you want.

Further documentation

Full documentation available here.


All contributions are welcome.

If your patche(s) contain new features, ensure you have written correspondig unit test. Also ensure all tests pass using tox

You can also open new issues for questions, bugs or new feature.


The actual version of Imap-CLI is 0.8.

Imap-CLI aims to map all IMAP protocols functionnality within a simple python API


Romain Soufflet

Legal notices

Released under the MIT License.